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27 June 2010 @ 08:43 pm
intro post

basic info

name: Asa

gender: no idea // I don't mind he/her/they pronouns!

birthdate & place: March 28th, Jakarta

about me

So, uhh, hello people of the world!

You guys can call me Asa and I'm a dentistry (university) student who spends a lot of time here in the internet. I am an anime-manga enthusiast, so of course, I enjoy fandom related activities such as browsing for fanarts (or actually making them), reading fanfiction/doujinshi, looking at discussions, and yeah you get the idea. I am also fond of science, particulary biology (the human anatomy) and one day I hope to become a dead person's doctor a.k.a a (dental) forensics doctor. My hobbies include drumming (I enjoy metal and/or rock songs but I think I'm much better at doing disco beats ahahah), reading, photography, and drawing.

about my journal

Mostly I talk about my daily life, like school (ha), friends, or other happenings in my life. You might also find me talking about my fandoms or basically things that interests me. Watch out for fail!grammar and random Indonesian language posts because I'm Indonesian and English is not my first language. Oh—and memes (those answer-these-questions meme, not the youmad-yuno-herpderp-closeenough-etc meme). You'll also find them here.

As a side note: I am basically inactive here now but you can always go to my tumblr for more updates!


Anime, manga, science, photography, egyptology, drawing, photoshop, drums, music, coca cola, CAPSLOCK, doodle-ing, sleeping, reading (I like sci-fi and fantasy), stepmania or DDR, frozen yogurt, ice cream, doujinshis, fanfictions, smart characters, being lazy


horror movies (I have my reasons), low RAM laptops, p3OpL3 Wh0 TyP3z l!k3 Th15, twitter's failwhale, broccoli